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Revive & Optimise & Stay Safe

INSITE - Crowd's Emotional Intelligence

Frictionless experience & increased revenues in the times of restrictions


The pandemic has put us all into a digital transformation bootcamp on steroids. Playing smart is the only way forward. And InSITE is here to help! InSITE builds a bridge between your Business Intelligence and Security. It aims to help you revive through frictionless & safe customer experience providing actionable data insights for crowd management, public safety and partner relationships. Here are a few reasons why InSITE's Crowd's Emotional Intelligence &Automated Social Distancing Audit is awesome:
Fan Experience, Crowd Management, Public Safety


Ensure community's safety without interrupting their journey. Our solution counts people in the space & measures distance between them, alerting only when rules are not being followed.

Revive your public space


Optimised attendance number and space usage by looking at the crowd flow and dealing in real-time with any emerging or existing bottlenecks. InSITE also uses behavior tagging technique to unlock true experience personalisation.

Optimise attendance and manage the crowd in a safe way


Manage relationships with your commercial partners and optimise commercial revenue. InSITE provides you with prcise metrics of brand presense & factual exposure of screen advertising. Delight your partners with precise ROI measurement, optimise your retail strategy and unlock dynamic pricing.

Staff Safety post Pandemic


No need to increase security and hospitality staff. Monitor social distancing remotely and guide the crowd, without putting your team at risk.

Privacy Friendly & GDPR-compliant solution


We use pattern-recognition instead of face recognition. Which means no personal data is involved in InSITE operations.

Computer Vision easy to implement


It takes minutes to get started. InSITE software runs on video footage from existing camera infrastructure.

Frictionless experience & community safety at a fraction of a cost.

What's included

  • Integration with video footage
  • Real-time Social Distancing Audit
  • Data Visualisation
  • Daily and weekly reports
  • Customer Support
  • Smart Monitoring Dashboard
  • Unlimited & Customisable alerts
  • Flexibility & no long-term commitments
Early champions start with just
£4.99per 100 people in the space


How does InSITE Crowd's EQ & Social Distancing Audit work?


Hardware-agnostic solution, works on any camera inclusing CCTV InSITE software runs on the video footage from existing camera infrastructure (think CCTV cameras). We'll help you connect the video stream and it's ready to start monitoring!


AI and Machine Learning to identify patterns and count people in the space Using AI and Computer Vision, InSITE software will set itself up. First, our solution analyses the space and builds a virtual 3D environment. We then use pattern recognition and deep learning to count the number of people in the space and distill actionable real-time insights.
Actionable data to ensure safety of staff and community

Data-Driven Decisions

InSITE provides you with real-time ACTIONABLE data. Watch how well the social distancing measures are maintained, highlight the bottlenecks and guide your staff to the areas they are needed the most. All automatically!
Alert when social distancing rules are not followed

Alert & Communicate

Choose how you want to communicate with your community and staff. Whether it's real-time audio reminders or in-app notifications. Generate reports to share with internally, with partners and/or with the public.



Social Distancing is one of the main measures to fight COVID-19. And one of the hardest to implement and monitor. With InSITE, you can ensure your customers are staying safe throughout their journey without increasing security staff. Our software runs on top of the video feed from your camera infrastructure and:

1. Accurately counts the number of people in the space
2. Measures the distance between them
3. Alerts the ground staff if, when and where the rules are not being followed.

InSITE also differentiates between different groups of people, like families and strangers. Therefore prompting action only when it is needed. It uses pattern recognition algorithms, making it privacy-friendly as there are no personal data involved.


As human beings we are frenemies with crowds. We love to be with others, but dislike long queuing and wait times that crowds cause. InSITE allows you to better manage crowds in your space by accurately counting number of people in the space and highlighting bottlenecks in crowd flow.
With InSITE you can ensure great experience for your customers and fans.

1. Accurately count number of people & predict the crowd flow
2. Graphical representation of how people move in the space / customer flow
3. Highlight of bottlenecks and real-time notifications to hospitality/security staff to help them guide your customers appropriately.

InSITE also provides you with the insights into your customers’ behaviour. Our pattern recognition algorithms identify emotional levels and pick up behaviour anomalies. This means if your customers are looking for something, seeking help (food kiosk, loo, exit) you can react to it (connects steward) in real-time and enhance their experience.


Deep-dive into brand presence in your space that helps your relationships with brands, retailers and advertisers. InSITE also creates a precise profile of your customers. InSITE solution measures brand presence by looking at the branded items used by the community: logos on clothing, F&B, flyers, etc.

1. Measure brand presence
2. Increase partner retention and ROI with data-driven crowd flow optimisation
3. Strategise and attract commercial partners based on data-driven customer insights.


Measuring efficiency of your advertising spots is always tricky. InSITE technology tracks how many people actually looked at screens/boards in the venue. This way you can quantify and measure the exposure of the in-venue advertising. As well as optimise usage of advertising spots and pricing strategy based on viewership.

1. Quantify & Measure factual exposure of in-venue advertising
2. Identify the ‘viewing points’ - where the people are standing when looking at the screens/boards
3. Introduce new spot pricing based on the viewership numbers